Tracing your family roots in Aberdeen City and North East Scotland.

Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council in conjunction with several organisations such as the Library service, Aberdeen and Robert Gordon Universities, Family History Societies and Museums in the area have produced a website to assist those from home and abroad who may wish to trace their ancestors.

By logging on to this site it is possible to follow links to Getting started on tracing family history, Birth, Marriage and Death records before and after 1855, Census records and a host of other information which may helpful in tracing forbears and finding out more about them.

The address of the site is:

The website has been built to help those who wish to find out more about their NE roots before returning to Scotland for the second homecoming which is due to take place in 2014, but it could be equally helpful for locals wishing to trace their family history.

The address of the homecoming website is:

Good luck in your searches.

Margaret Middleton

Secretary – Methlick Heritage Society.

8 thoughts on “Tracing your family roots in Aberdeen City and North East Scotland.

  1. I would like to chat with any descendants of the Rothnie family that lived at Cairnorrie in the 1800s who still live in the Methlick area or nearby. My great great grandfather was James Rothnie (1808-1889) of Cairnorrie.

  2. I am trying to trace any if indeed there is any living relatives of my father Ronald John Gilbert his blood father is of the same name.

  3. Trying to trace family still living in area of William Esselmont Milne (my great grandfather) born 1860, gored by bull & died May 1894 at Balquhindachy, Methlick.

  4. I am trying to trace any living relatives of my dad! Ronald John Gilbert he was born 15th Jan 1948 in or around Aberdeen, my dad’s mother was Isabella Mutch.Don’t know much about the circumstances but don’t believe my dad ever met his father ( my grandfather) whom I never met either. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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