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Councillors agree changes to kerbside recycling and waste collections

Changes to kerbside collection of recycling and waste in Aberdeenshire to push up recycling rates and send less to landfill will happen next year, councillors have agreed.

As part of a new overarching waste strategy for the area, Aberdeenshire Council sought £3.2million funding from Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) to help roll out a new collection system.

The council’s Infrastructure Services Committee (ISC) decided today (Thurs, May 16) to introduce alternative arrangements to push up recycling rates and reduce materials sent to landfill.

They approved an option to use households’ existing bins in a three-weekly collection cycle while officers continue to work to explore funding opportunities for further changes.

One bin and a food waste caddy will continue to be collected every week. This means:

Week 1 – General waste bins (landfill) and food waste collected

Week 2 – Recycling bin (blue lid) and food waste collected

Week 3 – Recycling bin (blue lid) and food waste collected

The materials that can be recycled on the kerbside remain the same – the only difference is that the blue-lidded recycling bin is emptied more often (twice in every three weeks).

The new service will be piloted in some areas in 2019 and rolled out to the rest of Aberdeenshire in 2020. Households will be contacted in advance by post.

As over 70% of the waste produced in Aberdeenshire is recyclable using the existing recycling services, this change should allow an increased recycling rate, while work continues to seek other ways to push that up even further using kerbside services.


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