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First Methlick Junior Cycle Challenge 2nd Oct 2016

Photo courtesy of Ellon Times

Photo courtesy of Ellon Times

The first Methlick Junior Cycle Challenge took place on October 2nd on the slopes of the hills above Methlick, The   The  Challenge took place at Skelmonae Wind Farm and had been supported by local farmer David Smith of Cloffrickford. the event is an extension of the successful Methlick Cycle Challenge which raises funds for Royal British Legion Scotland.

Organiser Boyd Ross said it was a pleasure that so many local youngsters were getting on their bikes.

He added: “We got a really good turnout. I have to say on the day it was tremendous. There was lots of positive feedback from not just the youngsters but their parents too.

“The location itself was tremendous, there were no incidents, and we even had some very, very young competitors who were a bit put out that they couldn’t take part so they went out with their dads with elongated carriages.

“We were really impressed with the turnout and the day itself and the view we got from the location. It was a very, very fine afternoon.

“We had 28 participants in total. There was nine in the senior event and 19 in the junior event. One of the winning kids did the route in nine minutes.”

The event included a barbecue featured two different routes and was sponsored by Dave Smith, of Skelmonae Wind Farm.

 The results from the day were as follows:
  • Primary Children Results (Boys) –
    • 1 Reubens Thompson
    • 2 Matthew Smith
    • 3 Harry Jackson
  • Primary Children Results (Girls) –
    • 1 Lucy McLeod
    • 2 Erin Murphy
    • 3 Hannah Milne
  • Secondary Children Results (Boys)-
    • 1 Alexander McLeod
    • 2 Sam Skellern
    • 3 Duncan Whiton
  • Secondary Children Results (Girls) –
    • 1 Kimberley Jackson
    • 2 Anna Jackson
    • 3 Ciarra Murphy

For more details about the 2016 Methlick Junior Cycle challenge visit or find it on facebook by searching Methlick Cycle Challenge

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