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Flood Warning and Information

There are a number of flood warnings for the north east of Scotland. The roads around Methlick are included in possible funding difficulties.  Please check the links below for more information.

There is a lot of surface water on roads from a Methlick to Tarves and Aberdeen.  Standing water on roads to Oldmeldrum and then on the A947 to Aberdeen or Turriff will also cause problems.

Many local roads will be liable to localised flooding during heavy rain.  Please try if with great care.

Flood Warning and Information

SEPA take account of weather forecasts when compiling flood warnings but information on weather conditions can be obtained directly from the Met Office Website.

SEPA is Scotland’s flood warning authority with responsibility for warning and informing the public on the threat of flooding; to help encourage preparedness and understanding of risk. It can, through its Floodline service, provide advance warning about when and where floods are likely to occur. For the latest information on potential flooding call the Floodline number 0345 988 1188 or visit the SEPA website.

SEPA has recently launched a campaign to raise awareness about flooding and has compiled some useful information, including publications about the Floodline service, how to prepare for flooding, how to deal with flooding, and flood alleviation products. For further details, visit the SEPA publications website.


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