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Canine partner

Methlick Community Welcomes


Indie a golden doodle has been specially trained by the assistance dog charity canine partners. Indie has been partnered with Beverley and has been trained to make a difference by doing assistance dog tasks such as picking up and retrieving items, helping around the home with undressing, making the bed and responding in emergency.

To find out more information about canine partners and the work they do please visit the canine partners website –

Canine partners kindly ask that the public and surrounding community try to avoid distracting indie whilst they are out and about in public areas by not directly stroking; attempting to feed or calling him, as they would with a working guide dog.

This support by the local community will only help to strengthen the relationship between Beverley and Indie as well as ensure their safety and strong working relationship in the future.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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