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Road closure of Polesburn Road, Methlick 3 days commencing Thursday 6 November 2014

Please note that due to Laying Cable for Electric Connection to be carried out by SSE it will be necessary in the interests of public safety to apply the following restriction to traffic. Access will be provided for emergency, school transport vehicles and vehicles requiring access to properties but may be subject to delay until the road is cleared of construction plant to allow safe passage through the works.


Polesburn Road at Woodlands,  Methlick

3 days commencing Thursday 6 November 2014

Site notices will be erected in due course indicating the temporary restriction to traffic and local diversions will be in place.

Should you have any queries please call Amanda Dickson on 01358 726451 or Lianne Robinson on 01358 726462.

Signed Anne Buchan SENIOR ROADS ENGINEER – Formartine

Date 17 October 2014

Woodlands Methlick Map-001


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