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Wrong information delivered with some recycling bins in Methlick area.

Dear resident,

We are delivering blue lidded recycling bins for the new Council waste service this week. We have just realised that we have delivered the wrong information hanger (which hangs on the bin handle) to around 400 properties in Methlick and the surrounding area.

The hanger is an old one which was used in a previous rollout of the waste service elsewhere in Aberdeenshire – it reminds people to look out for their food waste caddies and information booklet ‘in early March‘ – the correct hanger states that the booklet and food waste caddies will be delivered ‘in the week before your new service starts‘.

All other information on the hanger is correct.

This may obviously cause some confusion with some residents and may lead to comments / questions to councillors, Contact Centre and through facebook etc. The caddies and info booklets will be delivered during w/c 30th June.

This was caused by a crew wanting to do their best to reuse old stock and not throw it out. They are being supplied with the correct hanger at the moment and will deliver the correct ones from now on. We cannot return to the houses we have already delivered to, to issue the correct hanger. A copy of the correct hanger is attached for your information.

The Council are sorry that a mistake was made, but we are doing our best to solve it as soon as possible, and that crew should be delivering again, with the correct hangers, by early afternoon.

Matt Davis, Waste Strategy Officer, Aberdeenshire Council. Unit 7, Harlaw Industrial Estate, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire. AB51 4SG T. 01467 628 681 F. 01467 625 706 M. 07785 507 089

Recycling Bin Delivery March 2014 FINAL


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