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Secrets In The Grass (11th Apr)

Haddo House & Country Park

Snakeshead FritilliaryIt’s been an absolutely beautiful week at Haddo, sun and blue skies almost every day,  no wind… I even took my coat off in the office on Thursday which I think is a first for this year!

Our list of spring flowers is getting longer by the day. The strange, pink Butterbur is in flower by the Scots Mile bridge (you can see some photos on our Facebook page), there’s pastel lilac Cuckoo Flower behind the portacabin and yellow Kingcups out in front of the Deer Park bird hide.

The gardens around the house are starting to look at their best again, full of tulips and daffodils. A bit of exploring just outside the garden turned up one of my favourite flowers- a Snake’s head Fritillary. These do grow wild in Scotland but this one was quite large (they’re usually small, delicate little things) and I suspect is an escapee from a…

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