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WHO IS THE TREE LEAF? (nickers to you)

Methlicks’s Community Christmas tree has been ‘tea leafed’, Half Inched, knobbled, wheeked, filched or Nicked.  Unless someone is hiding it.

The annual donation from Haddo Estate was delivered to the site on December 4th but when Community Council helpers came to help put it up – it was not there.  Nae tree- ‘fir’ had it gone?.

Another tree is being sought and this time it may have to be delivered with high security being personally handed over to Brian Gray to put the lights on.

So if you know where it went please contact either Haddo estate (Susan Shand) or Methlick Community Council (Kathy Kennedy).

Santa will definitely not be calling at the home of the person who pilfered our community tree.  But we hope Santas not so little helpers in black with a bright yellow jacket driving a car with a flashing blue light..just might.


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  Cllr Paul Johnston wrote @

A heartless theft. If stolen then what does that person really understand about Christmas? Thanks to Haddo Estate for the offer of a replacement.

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