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The next meeting of the Methlick Heritage Society will be held on 12 November in the Beaton Hall.

We will welcome Celia Walker who will speak on the History of the Tivoli Theatre, Aberdeen.

For those of us who remember the hey day of the theatre when artistes like Harry Lauder, Jimmy Shand, Callum Kennedy, Andy Stewart and many others as well as modern bands like Bill Hayley and the Comets played to packed audiences this should be an interesting and nostalgic evening rekindling memories of happy evenings in the cosy and intimate surroundings of the Tivoli.

Celia will detail the mammoth task in repairing and refurbishing the building to restore it to its former glory and give an insight into how the theatre will once again become a major player in the entertainment sector in Aberdeen.

This promises to be a great evening. Everyone is welcome and tea will be served.

For more information call Margaret Middleton on 01651 806254


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