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Re-Use – Buy, Swap & Sell in Methlick

A Facebook page is available for Methlick residents to buy and sell already loved (used) items. is called the

Haddo Area, Buy, Sell Wanted.

Members of the Facebook group can then post local items for sale or wanted to buy making it easier to to sort delivery or collection.  everything from toys to furnishings and cars to clothing is being bought and sold locally.

Unlike Freecycle,  Freegle or  Gumtree the area is very local and this makes it easier.  That does not mean you can’t do both!  The Facebook Page can be used for wants, sells or give to a good home….it allows for local re-use and cuts our carbon footprint!

The group is open to anyone living and working in the area and has easy rules.  When you arrive at the page you ask to join and Rachel O’Neill who runs the group will email back an admittance. 




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