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Methlick Community Council Meeting Wed 25th August

Agenda of Meeting
To be held on 25 August 2010 at 19.30 in Methlick School.


1. Present

2. Apologies for absence

3. Minutes of the last meeting

4. Matters arising from the minutes
*Conduit lighting application –
*Fence and bench application – Done and in place
*NHS Pharmacy in Tarves – meeting 15 June 2010, *Meldrum House to go ahead, as per Paul Johnston’s e-mail 16 August 2010 *Notice Board move
*Flowers for 2011 – grow and AC contribution

5. Police Report

6. Correspondence
*Insurance Policy
*Planning Modernisation Group Forum – 30 June
*SNH Biodiversity Awards – ? funding
*Community Planning E-Bulletin July + August
*Formartine Community Plan
Aberdeenshire Sports Council
*Formartine Information Bulletin
* NHS Consultation SEN Children
*Parker’s Bulb Catalogue
*Playing Field Letting Conditions
*Aberdeenshire Local
*Local Development Plan
*NHS Executive Board Recruitment
*Eilidh Whiteford Surgeries
*Play Equipment
*Grampian Police Questionnaire – for completion 13 July
*Grampian Police Update
*Mins of Community Planning Group Meetings
*Ellon Community Wellbeing Festival
*Area Top Up Budget
*Broadband Funding
*AC Newsletter
*Ellon Peddle Car Championships – 05 September
*ACSEF Planning Workshops
*Parliamentary Report from Richard Baker – MSP for NE Scotland *Road Closure Methlick – Ellon, by quarry 30 August
*Arts day – Saturday 04 September – Banchory
Clevercurves Skatepark Bookings
*Green Butterfly Awards – Environmental Competition
*Energy Saving Presentations

7. Any Other Business
*Feedback from Beaton Hall actions
*Feedback from Play Park actions
*Formartine in Bloom – plant order

8. Financial report

9. Date of next Meeting
From Paul Johnston.


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