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Methlick Community Council Minutes for February 2010


Of meeting held on Wednesday, 03 February 2010 at 19.30 in Methlick School.

Kathy Kennedy


Issues Action
1 Everyone was welcomed.

Present Cllr. Alan Hendry, Cllr. Paul Johnston, Paul Lang, Sarah Caton, Charles French, Brian Gray, Willie Gray, Colin Presly, Kathy Kennedy

2 Apologies: Cllr. James Gifford, Jay Allan, Inspector Steve Pratt

Minutes of Last Meeting

Cllr Allan Hendry had sent e-mail apologies for the last meeting. This was updated.

Minutes signed by Paul


Matters Arising from the Minutes

Conduit Lighting Application – Paul Lieper to be consulted

Fence and Bench – work still to be undertaken due to weather

NHS Pharmacy in Tarves – 2nd application going to appeal Meeting at Aberdeenshire Arms Sunday 07 February – Colin to attend

Notice board – still to be moved

Lighting at Polesburn – request AC take to limit of 30mph sign

Complaint about B9005 overhanging trees – AC were contacted and these are within limits – drive with care

Toilet Cleaning – No takers for this job. Notice to be put up in shop





5 Police Report

Sgt Smith attended in the absence of Inspector Pratt. Nothing much to report other than some speeding vehicles. Speed checks are to be put in place in the near future.

Community Officers for Methlick

Iain Clark – badge number 8627

Ian Ivancic – badge number 0606

Both can be contacted on 0845 600 5 700



Planning Training – Saturday 06 March

Application put in (07 February) for Paul and Colin to attend

7 Financial Report

Charles gave a brief report – balance as previous.

Willie Gray is now a cheque signatory


Formartine Community Council Meeting – 20 January

Attended by KK

Main issues – Wind Farm Planning Applications

John Sleigh to be invited to our next meeting

Planning Gain Monies – Area Manager to be contacted reference how much and the areas of usage

Design Awards – reference recent communication, area office to be contacted for brochure

Path Clearing – Paul commented that path clearing in the village had been slow during the last lot of adverse weather. Any one know a local contractor who will undertake the task?

Blocked Drains – in several places there is run off across the B9170 from the Auchnagatt Road south into the village. AC to be contacted to clear any blocked drains





Date of Next Meeting – 21 April 2010 KK

The meeting ended at. 8.45 p.m.


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